Photo of peer coach Kristin Dell'Orso

Kristin Dell’Orso

Coach, Denver

Kristin uses her expertise in social work and mental health issues to help members get well from addiction.

Coach type: Person with addiction and loved one

Coaching since: 2018

Lived experience:

My addiction lasted more than 20 years. Mass quantities of support, hard work, struggle, love and luck have kept my addiction in remission since June 21, 2008.

Professional background:

I’m earning my master’s degree in social work and am a clinical intern at an inpatient behavioral health facility. After graduation, I plan to seek clinical licensure and to enroll in a certificate program for animal assisted social work. My animals have been essential to my recovery from addiction and mental illness, and I hope to share that experience with others.

I’ve held a litany of jobs, ranging from cocktail waitress to professional photographer to legal secretary. An addiction management coach is my dream job! 


Animals, mental health, social work


I'm often referred to as a “crazy dog lady," and I'm completely OK with that. I'm a huge stand-up comedy fan, sneaker collector (Vans and Chuck Taylors) and pizza connoisseur. Also Vegan-esque – the power of cheese is no lie.

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