Photo of addiction peer coach Kal Datz

Kal Datz

Coach, Grand Forks

Kal is passionate about helping people reach their greatest potential.

Coach type: Person with addiction

Coaching since: 2019

Lived experience:

Polysubstance consumption – my most problematic substances were heroin and other opioids.

Professional background:

I completed a four-year degree in psychology with a minor in chemical dependency. During that time, I spent four years as direct professional leader and a direct support professional – I provided services to assist people with developmental disabilities in the living a life of the highest independence possible.

I was president of two clubs at the University of North Dakota: the psychedelic club and the students for sensible drug policy. I also co-hosted a radio show for about a year that centered around harm reduction and sensible drug policy.

I gradually overcame my social anxiety, which led to occasional public speaking and my current position with Face It TOGETHER. I'm grateful I'm able to help people overcome their addictions, reach their greatest potential and ultimately live their best lives possible.


Opioids, medication-assisted treatment, anxiety, public speaking, mental health


I have developed an eccentric array of hobbies and interests (something I had never thought possible). I enjoy playing guitar, creating music using my looper pedal and even coming up with some lyrics of my own. I also enjoy woodworking, refurbishing old furniture for resale and gardening. And I am a new dad to a wonderful four-month-old. I would love to get into metal casting and making YouTube videos when I get the chance.

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