Photo of addiction peer coach Jake Metcalf

Jake Metcalf

Coach, Fargo-Moorhead

Jake is passionate about guiding people through wellness, bringing motivation back to their lives and helping them realize their worth.

Coach type: Person with addiction

Coaching since: April 2017

Lived experience:

I started misusing prescription painkillers in my early teens as a result of several painful surgeries. Out of high school, I became addicted to Adderall and Xanax to get me through long shifts when I worked in the medical field. When I didn’t have Xanax, I’d turn to alcohol to sleep. I eventually resorted to stealing narcotic medication from one of the clinics I worked at to feed my addiction. I was arrested and went to jail on felony charges. I got through probation on a deferred sentence and completed a treatment program.

I’m a huge believer in balance and the ability to gain a sense of identity from the beautiful experience of recovery. Addiction isn't just about the drug or the drink – it’s about the impulsivity and lifestyle that accompanies it. I’m here to help guide you through addiction, shed light on the darkest corners and bring motivation back your life. Together, we can help you appreciate your worth.

Professional background:

I was active in sports until my sophomore year when I had a serious injury. I pursued a few different medical programs at North Dakota State University, then worked as a lab tech assistant and nurse assistant. After I started to get well, I still wanted to help people but knew I also had to take care of myself. I worked at an addiction advocacy organization before I joined Face It TOGETHER.


Opioids, community resources, civil commitment process, SMART recovery, twelve-step, balanced recovery approaches


I love target shooting and pheasant hunting. I also enjoy working with plants and flowers and have an aquarium with live plants and fish that I care for. I’m a huge fan of any movie that is Marvel-related and like spending time with my fiancé, the love of my life.

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