Photo of Dave Jansa, Face It TOGETHER's director of addiction management training

Dave Jansa

Director of Addiction Management Training

Dave oversees the development, improvement and delivery of our addiction management coach training and certification program. He also leads our loved one coaching initiative.

Dave is a long-term survivor of the chronic disease of addiction. He started with Face It TOGETHER as a volunteer in 2009. 

Dave plays a key role in ensuring our coaches are highly trained and effective. He leads and develops training for all addiction management roles within the organization and oversees hiring, supervision and certification of coaches. He's also the brainchild of our loved one coaching program, including its curriculum, training and execution.

He was nominated in 2012 for the 211 Helpline volunteer of the year for his work advancing addiction wellness in his community. He's also served as a facilitator for SMART Recovery. Prior to joining Face It TOGETHER, Dave had a successful career in the sales field. 

Dave shares his life with his wife Becky and his son, Kevin. He enjoys hiking and golf. He loves music and is a member of a local band. He has volunteered in the community as a foster parent and in other roles.