Photo of peer coach Courtney Stuart

Courtney Stuart

Coach, Denver

Courtney is very familiar with the challenges loved ones face. She's passionate about helping others find the hope, help and support they deserve.

Coach type: Loved one 

Coaching since: 2018

Lived experience:

I have experienced the pain and despair that comes with having a loved one who suffers with addiction firsthand. I am also very familiar with the challenges that come when resources are not readily available when they are needed most. I am passionate about the disease of addiction and helping loved ones find the hope, help and support they deserve.

Professional background:

I spent more than 13 years as a trainer and coach with HBO, helping clients improve sales and communication skills. After resigning from HBO in search of a career with more purpose, my son (age 6 at the time) was diagnosed with a chronic heart disease. I spent five years as a stay-at-home mom managing kids, a household and my son’s disease before coming to Face It TOGETHER as a loved one coach. I have a degree in painting and showcase my large-scale abstract expressionist oil paintings throughout Denver. 


Training, coaching, business, youth, alcohol addiction, loved one support, mental health, insurance and healthcare


I am passionate about art and the therapeutic benefits of the creative process. I love to be outdoors doing just about anything – skiing, swimming, golfing, playing tennis, biking, hiking, fishing – or simply sitting on my porch with family and friends. I am a huge believer in the power of positive thinking and believe that kindness is a gift worth giving to everyone.

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