Photo of peer coach Anthony Wash

Anthony Wash

Coach, Denver

Anthony has experience working in the addiction treatment field and is knowledgable about the criminal justice system, co-occurring disorders and homelessness.

Coach type: Person with addiction

Coaching since: 2018

Lived experience:

I struggled with addiction for 16 years, which led to legal, relationship and health issues. I've been in recovery since 1998 and have had more good days and experiences than bad ones. Has living sober always been easy? No. Has it been worth it? Yes, without a doubt.

Professional background:

Since getting into recovery and treating my mild depression, I've gotten my bachelor's degree in human services management, associate's degree in criminal justice and am a Certified Addictions Counselor (CAC) III. Prior to the addiction field, I worked in the restaurant industry.


Criminal justice system, co-occurring disorders, homelessness


I love watching sports, cooking, traveling, walking, listening to all types of music and completing home repair projects.

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