Photo of peer coach Amber Thomas

Amber Thomas

Coach, Sioux Falls

“Face It TOGETHER offers a platform for people of all backgrounds to stand on and challenge the notion of what addiction looks like. We see every face of addiction transform from fear and hopelessness to compassion and confidence. I sincerely wish everyone in the world could leave their job every day with the sense of fulfillment and hope that I do – the world would be a better place. Face It TOGETHER has given me that gift.”

Coach type: Person with addiction and loved one

Coaching since: 2019

Lived experience:

My alcohol use became problematic from the moment I had my first drink. I spent more than a decade in and out of consciousness, only sober long enough to feel intense anxiety and self-loathing. No matter how many times I quit drinking, I was never actually in recovery.

I also have a lot of experience with unhealthy family dynamics; I grew up with others who battle addiction. There’s so much secrecy and shame in the world of addiction, but I have seen the amazing results that support and compassion within a family or friendship circle can achieve.

Professional background:

For years I worked for many different companies in various fields to make ends meet. It wasn’t until I really began my recovery that I could imagine a future that went beyond 30 days. I then went back to school and earned my associate's degree. I’m currently working my way up to a master’s in psychology.


Mental health, family support, meditation, nutrition


I love learning about people – our politics, cultures and beliefs – these are so connected to our behavior and therefore have a great impact on our health. I believe that exercise, meditation and a healthy diet are extremely important to wellness. I’m passionate about incorporating healthy habits in interesting ways.

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