From the CEO

We’re working in revolutionary ways to solve our nation’s most challenging health and social issue: the disease of drug and alcohol addiction.

Addiction takes us to a very dark and lonely place. I know because I’m a long-term survivor of the disease. It takes us to a place without hope; a place of spiritual and emotional bankruptcy; a place where our lives are in jeopardy and the lives around us are in chaos. It’s hard to imagine that 22 million Americans live that life every single day.

But as isolating as addiction is, at the same time it takes a devastating toll on whole communities. Addiction is at the root of our most destructive and costly social, health and public safety problems. It’s also a tremendous economic drain due to lost productivity and higher turnover, absenteeism and hidden healthcare costs.

Our nation and those living with this disease deserve better. We believe that success requires big, bold ideas and a steadfast commitment to make them a reality.

Everything we think and do about addiction has to change. That means we’re driven by a commitment to collaboration. We connect those with a vested interest in solving this disease in new and unprecedented ways, and we deliver value to these partners.

Social entrepreneurs are defined as “society’s change agents: creators of innovations that disrupt the status quo and transform our world for the better.”  That’s what drives us. Harnessing the forces of change and the tools of business to unleash the full potential of individuals, families and communities.

The people who suffer from this awful disease deserve nothing less.

Kevin Kirby
Co-Founder and CEO

Facing addiction together

Kevin Kirby talks about the inspiration behind Face It TOGETHER and the vision for its work.