Measure Addiction Outcomes

Using the power of data to improve health and reduce costs.

Our evaluation and assessment tools track and measure outcomes around addiction wellness. 


The Recovery Capital Index provides a comprehensive baseline and tracks intervention effectiveness, allowing coaches and other care team members to follow client progress and tailor their support. The RCI is a multidimensional score measuring an individual's overall addiction wellness. 

The architecture of the RCI is based on three primary domains shown to play an integral role in an individual’s ability to get well from addiction: personal, social and cultural capital.

Within each of these domains are key health, social, and living components that make up the disease of addiction from illness to wellness.

These components are based not on substance use but on functional and other outcome indicators that provide much richer information about the status of someone’s health and wellbeing.  


Track progress

Measure changes in personal, social and cultural recovery capital over time.

Inform care

Understand each client's progress to provide individualized recovery care and support.

Diagram of RCI

Prove outcomes

Capture meaningful data to assess intervention effectiveness and demonstrate results


Extend engagement

Stay connected to clients to help improve their wellness.

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