Data Drop: Help Is Here

November 21, 2016 | Kristen Goettsch, Director of Evaluation and Research Featured

Today’s data drop is 46.8%.

In 2016, Face It TOGETHER conducted several surveys targeting communities in North Dakota and Minnesota. These baseline surveys were part of our larger scale evaluation efforts to better understand the impact of our Community Addiction Management Organizations on the communities in which they provide services. Our baseline community surveys provide us a snapshot of the awareness and attitudes of the community members prior to the opening of our affiliates.

This past year, we've collected 995 baseline surveys. Of those respondents, 46.8% felt that their community did not have enough places for people to get help for problems associated with the disease of addiction to alcohol and drugs (Figure 1).


Our affiliates are dramatically impacting the awareness and access of resources for people in need of help for alcohol and drug addiction. Face It TOGETHER’s pilot in Sioux Falls demonstrated a 132.9% of change from 2011 to 2015 regarding this very same topic (Figure 2).

We connect people directly to the help that they need when they need, and we provide that service at no charge. We are confident that our new affiliates in Minnesota and North Dakota will demonstrate the same increase in awareness and access to help.


Face It TOGETHER’s mission is to get drug and alcohol addiction sufferers well. The Face It TOGETHER affiliates serves as the hub for the recovery community, connecting people and families to treatment information, resources and services to help initiate, foster and sustain long-term wellness from addiction. 

Everything we do is to help families and those who suffer connect with the right resources at the right time and to maintain that connection as long as it takes to achieve wellness.