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March Into the Light

THANK YOU! We had an amazing 3rd Annual Face It TOGETHER Sioux Falls March Into the Light! 

Record breaking year! We had close to 400 Marchers show up the morning of September 7 at 6:45 AM to celebrate recovery and raise awareness against the diease of alcohol and drug addiction. 

Over $35,000 was raised for Face It TOGETHER Sioux Falls to help people right here in the Sioux Falls area enter and sustain long-term recovery; those funds will also help with providing resources and information to loved ones of people who suffer from addiction. 

Survey says: 71% of participants said the 2013 March Into the Light was "Excellent". One participant responded: "I liked the shirts, the bracelets, the COFFEE! I enjoyed seeing so many people come together for a common purpose. I liked that it started at the Pavilion." 

Tag, you're it! Check out our album of pictures on Facebook and tag yourself or any familiar faces! The event wouldn't have been a success if it wasn't for your smiling faces :)


Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 6, 2014 for our 4th Annual Recovery Walk! Learn about sponsorship opportunities here or email Elizabeth, 


Learn More About the March

What is the March Into the Light?
The March Into the Light is an annual community fundraising walk to celebrate recovery from addiction. It is a unique event to inspire those affected by alcohol and drug problems and rally the community in support of solutions to addiction. The March starts in the pre-dawn darkness, with the rising sun as a symbol of our movement to bring the disease of addiction out of darkness and into the light.

Why is the March held in September?

The event is planned annually in conjunction with September’s National Recovery Month and other "Recovery Walks" held around the country. While the March is at the beginning of the month, don't be shy - wear your green and support recovery all September long. 

Why should I participate?
This event is very important not only to those directly affected by addiction, but also to the broader community. When people don't get help for addiction, we all pay the costs. The March Into the Light is a powerful way to help shatter the stigma and shame around alcohol and drug problems. Plus, it's fun :)


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